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Races of My Life

If you have run a marathon at least once in your life, you know that it is always easier to cross the start line than to cross the finish line. What can start as a great, excited crowd of runners eventually narrows down to a few as the race goes on. How can that happen? It is because sustaining the race is not easy.

Life is not easy.

You do not feel tired at the beginning of the race. You get worn out at the middle of the race. That makes you vulnerable. You can get discourage when you see that the road becomes wider and longer, and you feel the pain settling in your lower limbs. Not only do you lose physical energy, but you can also lose mental strength. Sometimes, you get your eyes off your focus, drift away, and forget why you even started in the first place.

What is unfinished in your life?

If you are barely running, do not give up! The race is not over! Hydrate and recover your energy. Slow down, walk, pause, and stretch. Re-focus your mind on your goal. Pick up your pace and keep moving until you reach your second wind. Every step forward, no matter how small it is, brings you closer to the end of the race where the glory of the finished work awaits you.

Finish well. Cross the finish line.


02 Dec – Bayani Run – 10K (non-timed)
04 Feb – 7-Eleven Run 2018 (Manila) – 21K (02:40:44)


22 Oct – Bayani Run – 10K (non-timed)


17 Apr – NatGeo Earth Day Run – 10K (01:12:22)
06 Mar – Color Manila Sun Warrior Challenge – 10K (non-timed)
24 Jan – Amway Nutrilite Health Run – 5K (00:30:27 unofficial)


11 Jul – Manila Bay Clean Up Run – 21K (02:35:00)
21 Jun – World Vision Run – 21K (02:38:55)
01 Feb – Condura Skyway Marathon – 42K (05:44:23)


27 Apr – NatGeo Earth Day Run – 21K (02:50:47)
23 Feb – Financial Fitness Run – 21K (02:34:45)


01 Dec – Nike We Run Manila – 10K (01:06:12)
24 Nov – Sante’ Barley Domination Run – 21K (02:37:12)
16 Nov – Rescue Run – 10K (01:15:10)
20 Oct – Rexona Run To Your Beat – 21K (02:42:51)
22 Sep – Quezon Run – 21K (02:44:36)
14 Jul – Manila Bay Clean Up Run – 21K (02:31:08)
23 Jun – World Vision Run – 21K (02:27:38)

3 Comments on Races of My Life

  1. Update for 2017? Haha! Oh I miss running! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Wala. Wala pa. Wala na siguro. I fell out of love with running. For some reasons, it no longer interests me. Struggle na sa akin ang pagtakbo ngayon (not physically, but mentally). I replaced it with swimming though.


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