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A Thousand Good Beginnings

A Thousand Good Beginnings

This is the farewell email that I wrote on my last day of work at ADP Philippines.

Dear Friends,

Leaving ADP has been the hardest goodbye I have made thus far. I joined ADP four years ago at a time when I was trying to redeem myself and struggling to put things back together in my life. I would say, ADP took its chance on me.

After a year of working at ADP, I thought that I found the right place to retire. This company has given me tremendous provisions to help my family, opportunities to enhance and develop new skills, avenues to excel, and network to build connections and friendships.

ADP has given me a place to shine.

As times have gone by so fast, life also has become more amazing and interesting. Soon, I realized that ADP is not really my destination, but a redirection to prepare me for life’s bigger challenge – the calling to live out my purpose.

Sometimes, you get to your dreams fast. Sometimes, you face detours. Sometimes, you get lost and find a better dream. Sometimes, you find a better you.

Lux Ganzon, About Life and Love
(Follow on Twitter: @life_love_blog)

Leaving my ADP family is one leap of faith to pursue my God-given dream, to follow His leading. This farewell does not completely make sense to me, but I’m firmly holding this one piece of the puzzle, and trusting that God will reveal to me every step of the way where this piece fits into the bigger picture of His great plan for my life.

I know all too well how uncomfortable and painful goodbyes can be. Goodbyes disrupt the rhythms of life. Goodbyes upset the status quo. Goodbyes force you to let go of what you care about, what you value and love, and what you learned to treasure over time.

Goodbyes break a heart and separate lives.

But I also know that goodbyes are beautiful. Goodbyes reinforce the reality that nothing is permanent, that things never last forever, that feelings change and people move on. Goodbyes force you to make new decisions, new plans, new connections.

Yes, like everything else that happens in life, goodbyes have a deep meaning and purpose. Goodbye is the beginning of a new life that has been waiting for you in the new place and time God has promised to give you (Genesis 12).

I’m immensely grateful to ADP because I know that as I leave, I will not be starting from scratch; instead, I will be starting from the enriching experiences and wonderful memories that my colleagues, friends, mentors, and leaders have shared with me. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with me!

May you have a thousand good beginnings!



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