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Living By Faith

Hundred Islands, Alaminos City, Pangasinan

JUST BE HELD. Hundred Islands, Alaminos City, Pangasinan

Living by faith is…

Facing the future without knowing what;
Following God’s leading without knowing where;
Waiting for God’s timing without knowing when;
Expecting God’s miracles without knowing how;
Trusting God’s purpose without knowing why;
Continuing to persist without knowing how long.

The key to living by faith is not knowing all the answers, but trusting God to know the answers.

From Rick Warren’s Daily Hope podcast on “How God Tests Your Faith.”

2 Comments on Living By Faith

  1. It all depends on where your faith is anchored. Is it firmly anchored at the CROSS? Are you covered over by his shed redemptive BLOOD? Have you allowed God the Holy Spirit to be the resident God IN your life? Do you walk in the LIGHT with the Lord? No church, no work, no wonderful teaching from anyone will help you if you do not clearly KNOW you are saved and born again into Christ’s Kingdom.

    I thank God. I trust Him now to lead and guide me everywhere. I hang on to the CROSS (SPIRITUALLY) and my destination is heavenwards. This earth is not my final HOME so I trust Him to LEAD ME safely through the minefields of this mortal life. (impossible to walk with a Holy God without ongoing sanctification by repentance.

    Grace is a free GIFT. Free-will responsibility is to focus on the cross and what He has done for me and trust that same cross to sanctify my life so I can walk with Abba Father. My Saviour God and Friend is a wonderful life of FREEDOM in Christ.


  2. Definitely just hanging on to faith currently facing an uncertain future and persisting! Timely words. Thank you.


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