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The Wholeness of My Being

Pantoc, Narvacan, Ilocos Sur

“The whole is greater…

I am a unified whole.
My whole body works together in perfect unity.
All the parts may have different anatomy and physiology.
But their structures and functions all contribute to produce the same quality.
The complexity of my body is integrated to form an amazing harmony.
A testimony to the intelligence of God Almighty.

I am an integrated whole.
I am faithful, peaceful, courageous, patient, loving, kind, gentle, and humble.
All these qualities make my soul beautiful and whole.
Wherever I am, whatever I encounter, whoever I am with, I carry my being whole.
I am whole; you are whole.
When we come together, we form a better whole. Tweet

…than the sum of its parts.”
– Aristotle

5 Comments on The Wholeness of My Being

  1. Working on my wholeness. This gives me a lot of realization of how I’m seeing myself. How are you?! I’ve missed visiting your page. Sorry got so busy.


  2. ermalazada // May 25, 2018 at 01:21 // Reply

    I am whole yet I sometimes don’t take advantage of my wholeness. 😕


  3. I literally just read this at 1:50 am. The first line caught my attention right away bec that quote is verg special to me. Junior yr of HS my class won best play and that’s the quote we stood by.

    As for your post, it blessed my heart. Literally have been implementing positive habits to break negative thought patterns. Been affirming, meditating, but most importantly focusing on God… This post was very comforting. Stay blessed,my friend!! Great read. Such a light in the dark of the night 😉


  4. This is beautiful Jayson! It is something that should be printed and placed so see everyday!


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