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8 Things I Choose To Let Go To Be At Peace

Letting Go

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The secret to finding inner peace is knowing what to let go and knowing what to hold on to.

1. I choose to let go of my body consciousness.

I am learning to focus on my higher self, the self that transcends the reflection I see on the mirror each morning when I wake up. I let go of the things that I dislike about my body, those imperfections that I used to conceal under layers of enhanced digital filters.

I am more than a physical body. The qualities of my soul are more important than my concrete form. I feel beyond my body consciousness. In doing so, it becomes natural to do the same for others, to find myself peering through the windows of their soul, and see the beauty within.

2. I choose to let go of the pressure to conform.

When I stopped listening to what society dictates, I realized that I can be single and happy at the same time. Hallelujah! I choose not to be defined by my relationship status. I have my own journey and a unique destination.

I let go of what people think about me. Oftentimes, what they say about me is not really about me – it is about them. I listen and accept feedback, but I also live my own truth.

3. I choose to let go of the sad songs of my heart.

Recently, I reviewed my playlists and I realized that I have so many songs that immortalize feelings of sadness – from a broken heart, frustrated dreams, and people who walked away. The more frequent I play these songs, the more they repeat memories that rob me of my joy. I choose to feel good, so I replaced them with more songs that celebrate hope, faith, and love.

4. I choose to let go of the painful memories of the past.

Forgiveness is my new name. I forgive not necessarily because the other person deserves forgiveness, but because I no longer want to hold on to the pain. Forgiveness does not mean things go back to what they used to be; it only means I am over it and I am ready to move forward.

Because I can love truly, I can forgive and let go of the past completely. In this way, all wounds are healed and new beginnings emerge and grow.

5. I choose to let go of shallow belief systems.

I let go of the “Filipino Dream” and enjoy my freedom. The path to my happiness does not always involve worldly-defined success. I have come to realize that chasing happiness by trying to become successful actually makes me unhappy. I am more than wealth or fame.

I am created to be significant, and so are you. I choose to elevate my standard for living. I define success in my own terms. Inner peace is my new success.

6. I choose to let go of people and places.

People and places that I remember have deeply personal stories to tell. Sometimes, I have a truly meaningful experience with them that I want to hold on to them forever. I love to cherish them, but like a beautiful music that I cannot keep playing forever, my story must go on.

By letting go of people, I give others the chance to play their parts in the next chapter of my story. Tweet

By letting go of places, I give others the opportunity to be in that same place where they can also write their own story.

7. I choose to let go of the desire to be perfect.

Excellence is a better substitute for perfectionism. Nobody is perfect in this imperfect world. I am learning to accept people for who they essentially are. I envy admire their beauty and I embrace their flaws. Their value does not become less if they do not do or see things the way I do. I have come to respect their ways of thinking and empathize with their feelings.

8. I choose to let go of unhealthy diet.

I want to give my spirit a healthy dwelling place, so I need to nourish my body. My retreat in November has inspired me to eat more vegetables. I never expected that a vegetarian diet can be as delicious and appetizing as the foods I normally consume. (If you have personal vegetarian recipes that you can share, please let me know in the comments.)

What will you choose to let go today to be at peace tomorrow, and on the days to come? Let us talk in the comments or tweet your story to @blog_thedreamer.

7 Comments on 8 Things I Choose To Let Go To Be At Peace

  1. Good read! ❤ Just when I needed it the most. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Number 4 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • Overcome painful memories of the past with new hopes for the future. It is tough, but you will certainly get there if you don’t give up. The best way to deal with pain is to LIVE. Kapit kapatid!


  3. 1, 2 5 and 7. I can relate to these 4, though I still haven’t mastered the skill of letting them.


  4. When you have peace, you have everything. That’s something money can’t buy, my friend.
    So happy to see you getting wiser and wiser by the day.


  5. These are wonderful things to let go of! I love the line “I let go of what people think about me. Oftentimes, what they say about me is not really about me – it is about them. I listen and accept feedback, but I also live my own truth.” Amen to that!!


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