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Defining The Dreamer

Defining The Dreamer

Image // Pixabay

Who am I?

I am an elastic band.
When nothing is bothering me,
I am relaxed.
Then, something comes along
and gets under my skin.
I hook onto it and it pulls me
out of my peaceful state.
It tugs me; it pulls me;
it stretches me to the point of tension,
until I think I will break.
All I have to do is let it go with my mind.
It is not holding on to me;
I am holding on to it.
If I do not hold on to it anymore,
I will instantly snap back to my former shape.

I am a rechargeable battery.
I am powerful,
but my energy supply has limits.
When I use it, I lose it.
I am wise about what drains my energy
and what empowers me.
I can recharge easily,
and how I recharge depends
on what type of energy I want to replace.
Physical energy requires
physical replenishment.
Spiritual energy requires
spiritual topping up.
An unlimited power Source
is always available to me.
Whenever I need it,
I can plug into the Source,
and fill my soul with as much
power as I want.

I am a warrior.
I am a brave warrior.
My task is simple:
I must face the enemy with courage.
I keep facing my enemies,
never turning my back to run away.
My enemies are the things
that rob me of my peace and power.
I know beyond doubt
that no matter what the situation,
no matter what the challenge,
my enemy is within me.
The enemy is not anything
or anyone else.
My enemy is my own weaknesses,
my own shortcomings.
For every weakness in me,
I have an opposing strength.
In facing my enemies, I come to know
which weapons will bring me victory.

Know thyself.

2 Comments on Defining The Dreamer

  1. Welp. Not sure if my previous comment went through.

    It’s good to know oneself. The more you know who you are the better decisions you’ll make because you will not accept anything that will shortchange you.

    Merry Christmas to you and your fam!


  2. RheaAngeline // December 19, 2017 at 11:28 // Reply

    Ikaw po yung nasa pic?


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