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A Letter From A Loving Father

Botanic Park and Garden, Belfast

My Beloved Son,

I created you. You are my image.  You are my likeness. This is never going to change.

You belong to me.

No matter how many times you have failed me; no matter how many times you felt you fell short of my expectations; no matter how far away you have run to escape my love because you thought you were unworthy of it.

I love you, my son. Without limits. Without conditions.

Even if your human understanding could not fathom the reasons why you deserve it; even if you do not fully comprehend that I have already forgiven you before you even learned to forgive yourself.

Son, you are always beautiful in my eyes, even when the world sees otherwise.

You are blessed. You are loved.

With you always & forever,
Your Loving Father

3 Comments on A Letter From A Loving Father

  1. So heartwarming. Thank you for this reminder. May you also always remember how loved you are, my friend. Happy 2018!


  2. The perfect letter from the perfect One who loves without condition and in perfect grace.


  3. RheaAngeline // December 8, 2017 at 20:25 // Reply

    Sobbing. Sakto kailangan kong maremind about this. 😢


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