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The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence
SILENCE /ˈsaɪləns/

1. The nostalgic sound in the classroom after the class has been dismissed; or in the boarding house when all your boardmates and friends have gone to summer vacation; or in the office after all the employees have logged out or when you came in early and no one has arrived yet.

2. The monotonous and boring sound of waiting, ticking indefinitely in the hands of time.

3. The anguished sound of your unrequited heart, of your broken heart beating softly in the experience of overwhelming sorrow.

4. The pleasing tune of the chimes when you open the door to a room that is filled with memories that are bitter to recall.

5. The quiet sound when you pull the unused bedsheet and empty quilt. You are lying all alone on a bed for two.

6. The serenity and calmness of nature.

7. The sound of determined soles striking on a lonely road, or the rustle of dead leaves trampled underfoot on an unfamiliar trail.

8. The refreshing sound of bubbles underwater, breathed out by an enlivened soul who learned how to swim in the sea of troubles and uncertainties.

9. The sound of unspoken dreams, repressed desires, hurt feelings, and rebellious heart. Sometimes, when you keenly listen to the sound of silence, you will hear the truth.

10. The quiet response of a trusting and faithful heart when God answered “No” or “Wait” to one’s earnest prayers.

How does silence sound like to you? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

5 Comments on The Sound of Silence

  1. I love the silence because it’s where I can think better and it’s relaxing. A beautiful break from the world’s chaotic noise.

    Love how you define it.

    We all need that solemn pause.

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  2. Silence. Yan yung nangyayari kapag tinatanong tayo ng mga kaibigan at kamag-anak natin ng… “Oh, kailan ka ikakasal?” 🙂 Hello bro!

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  3. A trusting and faithful heart even through out trials. He gives us inner peace. Such a thought-provoking posts, Jayson that also evokes a calmness that God’s got all our situations. We just have to listen to His voice that often will say to me, “It’s going to be okay.”

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