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The Life-Giving Treasures of Palaya Natural Farm


PALAYA NATURAL FARM. Sta. Ines Road, Barangay Cayabu, Tanay, Rizal

I dream of an environment where nature and people co-exist in harmony. At Palaya Natural Farm, this is a reality.

A scenic view at the peak of Palaya Natural Farm involves an ubiquitous greenery, adorned by more than 10,000 concrete posts that hold the dragon plants in place. This vast field that nestles within the mountains of Tanay, Rizal and spreads on both sides of Cayabu River envisions to be the largest dragon fruit plantation in the Philippines by 2020.


Because their stems are thick and heavy, and the fruits can take an aggregate weight of up to 30 kilograms per post, the dragon plants cannot stand on their own. The concrete posts, which are reinforced by iron and crowned by a rubber tire at the top, serve as a vertical support for the dragon plants, especially during the fruiting season (April to May). They also ensure that the plants get an equal amount of exposure to sunlight.


The dragon plants grow from an organic soil that is treated using the natural methods of farming – zero chemicals. The farm also has a system that fetches water from the river and mountains.

Palaya Natural Farm

“Smoking is even prohibited in the farm,” one of the farmers told us, “the cigarette butts might still contain chemicals that might harm the soil.”

Organic products nowadays are increasingly gaining attention because of their healthful benefits that can prevent lifestyle diseases. The solution is to go back to the basic and return to nature.

At Palaya Natural Farm, farmers allow the dragon plants to bear flowers and fruits the natural way. This takes time and this is the reason why the fruiting season is not very often. The fruits are allowed to mature naturally which guarantees that they are fresh, organic, and safe for consumption.

As we began our descent from the summit of Palaya Natural Farm, I thought of life:

Of how quickly we can fall trap of wanting to get things done in an instant; of how our impatience can get us into trouble; of how we eventually suffer the consequences of our desire to hasten the process; of how unnatural we become when we defy nature and not let it take its natural course; of how swiftly we give in to our feelings only to end up with the wrong person; of how we try to help God speed up His timing because we cannot bear the boredom of waiting.


Farmers carved these steps on the slope to make it less difficult to climb the peak of Palaya Natural Farm.

I am hats off to these farmers of Palaya for their respect for nature, for their patience to wait until nature takes its turn to provide the abundant harvest that is due their time and labor.

Palaya Natural Farm does not only guarantee organic produce, but it also provides a decent source of livelihood to families in the surrounding communities.

It is a vision of the farm to share its wealth of life-giving treasures to the community by employing local farmers. This is a testament to how agriculture can be used as an effective way of combating hunger and poverty.


The farm hosts the Palaya Market Day, which is held every first Saturday of the month. The event showcases the farm’s freshest, greenest, and sweetest crops that visitors are welcome to purchase at a cheaper price.

While the vast area of the farmland is dedicated to the production of dragon fruits, the farmers also grow a variety of fruits and vegetables like banana, mango, star apple, okra, eggplants, string beans, and lettuce.

Palaya Natural Farm


Our visit to Palaya Natural Farm gave me an insight as to how generous nature can be with provisions that can sustain our living.

In reciprocation, we have to nurture it and advocate its protection. We have to be responsible stewards of nature by respecting its ways and protecting it from wanton abuse.

12 Comments on The Life-Giving Treasures of Palaya Natural Farm

  1. Leonard Natera // July 30, 2018 at 07:00 // Reply

    How’s the road leading to the farm itself coming from Marilaque Highway? Is it reachable by sedan?
    Is the farm hikeable/walkable by children and elderly?


    • I’m not familiar with Marilaque Highway. We rode a jeep going to Tanay proper, then hired a tricyle going to the farm. Starting from barangay San Andres (Batanggasan), there’s a long stretch of rough road (about 5KM), but still accessible. Yes, the farm is hikeable by children/elderly. Thanks!


  2. Corazon Javier // September 11, 2017 at 10:23 // Reply

    Hi, good day! May I know if the farm is open for visit? I really like to go there and see the plants myself. Is there an entrance fee, if ever? Thank you.


    • Thanks for your inquiry! The farm is open for visit. They have a Market Day that is happening on Sep 16 (Saturday). It’s a good time to buy organic produce and visit the farm. There was no entrance fee when I visited the farm; I’m not just sure now. You can visit their Facebook page to know more.


  3. What a beautiful farm! I hope I get to see this for myself someday 🙂


  4. It’s nice to see a farm making the dragon fruit, an oftentimes misunderstood plant, its centerpiece or the main attraction.


  5. This looks like a relaxing and humbling trip to do. Everything looks beautiful and fresh!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I LOVE this! I wish I’ve known this place when I was in Luzon. I’ve always wanted to visit Enchanted Farm too where they’re all about organic and providing livelihood to Filipinos. I’m a huge fan of their product brand Human Nature. So addicted to it.

    Those are profound thoughts. Indeed my favorite quote about waiting that involves nature is “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished,” by Lao Tzu. So true!

    Kmusta?! 🙂


    • When you come back, you can visit in May. They told me that is the harvest season. I’ll try to go back and capture my own photos of the fruits. I’ve never heard of Enchanted Farm so I’ll research about it. Thanks for mentioning it!

      Yes, I like that quote. Time is really the essence of nature.


      • I sure do hope I can visit. So good to be surrounded by nature.
        You should visit Enchanted Farm. They support a lot of community with their products.


  7. Look, Jayson. This post now has 15 Facebook shares only after a few hours of posting. Good job, bro! 🙂


    • Thanks Adrian for also sharing this on their Facebook page!

      I like how the farm is sharing its blessings to the community and helping the locals, while ensuring the conservation of nature.

      Good work such as theirs is worth spreading!

      Liked by 1 person

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