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How To Know If Your Dreams Are God’s Dreams For You

How To Know If Your Dreams Are God’s Dreams For You

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I spent most of my “younger days” writing down my bucket list. Years later, some of those dreams have happened, while others are still in progress. Others still I have crossed out from my list, not because I’ve accomplished them, but because I’ve realized something:

They’re not really my dreams.

They’re dreams other people have passed on to me. They’re their dreams left unfulfilled, so they want me to make it happen for them. Some were my dreams when I didn’t know myself well yet. Some were standards society set for me which I accepted subconsciously as my truth .

I worked hard for those dreams for a long time. But we can never fool ourselves, can’t we? I tried to convince myself that I must keep on chasing them because they’ll bring me happiness and contentment. Boy was I wrong.

On my way to chasing what I thought I wanted, I got lost and found something better; I found myself [Tweet]. And in doing so, I discovered my heart’s deepest desires – God’s dreams planted in my heart since the beginning of time.

How to know if your dreams are God’s dreams for you?

When deep in your heart, it feels right.

When you wake up and go to bed with those visions.

Even during the day and you’re busy doing something else (like your mundane job), they nag you. You can’t ignore them. And when you think about them, when you picture yourself living it, your heart swells with happiness, you get psyched, you couldn’t help but smile.

When your dreams have a purpose.

It’s normal to want to be richer or to dream of having an abundant life. It’s not nobility to want just enough. It’s selfishness because you only think of yourself.  Whereas asking for more, for a double portion, you also think about your neighbour. You consider those who are in need. You would also want to help them because in doing so, you know they’ll also be able to help others.

When you dream of having your own business for instance, you don’t just stop at wanting to sell, but to serve as well. You don’t just dream of expanding for profit, but also so you can help employ and open opportunities for others to grow.

When you get a kick out of it.

Jesus came that you may have life and have it in abundance. He wouldn’t want you to chase for bountiful things only to leave you empty and miserable. He would want you to have fun and be filled with joy for you and those around you. Happiness is contagious.

When it brings you peace.

Chasing what I thought I wanted was tough. It felt like nothing comes together. You’ll know it’s God’s dreams your chasing when it feels like everything is falling into place [Tweet], like the universe is conspiring to give you what you need.

It’s not easy to decipher what God wants for you when you can’t even figure out what you want in your life [Tweet]. It takes a serious soul-searching, a series of trial and error, and a whole lot of guts.

The road towards your dreams would be difficult at first because the enemy would be doing all he could to keep you from it. He will work double time to discourage you because he knows great things will happen once you’ve achieved your dreams. You will bless many so he will delay you; but if it is God’s plans for you, he will never be able to stop you – unless of course you let him.

Who wakes up in the morning and wishes to have just enough to get by? Probably, someone with scarcity mentality. What’s the point of waking up in the morning if you don’t dare make a difference? What’s your purpose for living if it’s not to experience life to its fullest? What’s the use of working hard for your dreams if they’re not going to bless you and the world? They may be fulfilling your worldly needs, but they will leave you feeling lost and empty.

Chasing the wrong dream will only exhaust you. In the end, you wouldn’t even know why you’re chasing it in the first place.

Discovering God’s dreams for you may be challenging. You will risk failure, judgement, and disappointment. You may have to swallow your pride, turn your back from the world’s definition of success and even from who you think you were, and face the real you. But in the end, you‘ll find peace, contentment, and real joy. Lux Ganzon, About Life and Love

About the Author

Lux Ganzon

Lux Ganzon is a pharmacist by profession, but a writer at heart.  She balances her time working on her dream business and pursuing her passion for writing; finding her one true love while building her own happily ever after; and chasing her dreams while living in the reality of now. She hopes to travel the world someday.

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