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#WorldVisionRun 2015: The Difference Is Love

World Vision Run 2015

World Vision Run 2015: The Difference Is Love

Pasay City, Philippines – More than 6,000 runners celebrated Father’s Day on June 21, by running for children in one of the country’s biggest charity events – the World Vision Run 2015.

As runners, we have various, personal reasons that motivate us to run. In my previous post on the “Running Benefits That Changed My Life,” I expressed that social responsibility is one of the values that one can develop in running. Participating in advocacy runs help support, promote, and rally noble social causes in areas such as education, environmental protection, humanitarian relief, and poverty alleviation.

According to World Vision Philippines, this year’s run focused on ensuring that children enjoy the following needs that are essential parts in the formative years of their growth and development.

  • A sip of clean water, where there was once dirty;
  • A wholesome childhood in a community where mortality and disease were once commonplace;
  • A vibrant classroom in a village where schools used to not exist; and
  • A future that overflows with promise and hope.

Children have big dreams, like nine-year old Angelica. “Gusto ko pong maging titser,” she shared. Like the other thousands of underprivileged children across the country, Angelica needs people like you, like us, who believe they can achieve their dreams. By provisioning invaluable access to education, we can help her and the other children, who are trapped in the cycle of poverty, unleash their potentials that will enable them to break the chain of poverty and conquer the world.

Recently, in celebration of World Against Child Labor Day on June 12, the CNN Freedom Project has highlighted the value of education in combating poverty. How does education shape children’s lives? Read more on #EducationHelpedMe Follow My Dreams.

So last Sunday, like-minded runners gathered in front of the starting line in SM Mall of Asia Grounds. They were all brought together by a common drive – to make a lasting difference. Their spirits were bound by the shared desire to empower Filipino children to make huge strides toward a brighter future.

Yours truly was there, too.

After four months of running hiatus and lack of training, I knew that it was not going to be my best run and that it would be very challenging to set my personal record in the 21K category. But I never wanted to miss this important race, so having registered only three days prior the event and having run only 10K in the same week, I determined to pursue this race.

Along the route, I was not thinking of my speed nor the time. My thoughts were with Nomer and Izzy and the rest of thousands of less fortunate children in the depressed communities of the Philippines. Like other runners who finished with big smiles on their faces, I felt the joy crossing the finish line knowing that somehow I was able to “father” a child or children.

Love truly makes a difference.

For almost 60 years, World Vision in the Philippines has been helping children and their communities fulfill bigger dreams. Learn about the transforming and rewarding experience of child sponsorship and how you can make a real and lasting difference in the lives of our very own Filipino children, our future. Make a difference and SIGN UP for sponsorship today!

Together, we can change lives.

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