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Liquids of Love

Botanic Park and Garden

Botanic Park and Garden, Belfast, Northern Ireland

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “liquid of love”? Naughty you! Haha! Actually, it comes in many forms you may not think about. I can enumerate a few based on my perspective. Read on folks.

1. Blood

Human beings have an average of four liters of blood circulating inside their bodies. Whenever a person donates blood out of compassion, to add life to the one in the brink of life and death, that’s love [Tweet This]. I have experienced being transfused with someone else’s blood when I gave birth, but it was not donated out of love. We bought it from the blood bank! Blame it on the physician for not believing I am really anemic since I was a child.

2. Perspiration

Your sweat is a by-product of burning fats. Whenever you perspire for a noble cause like running in return to fund a project that you believe in, that’s love. Of course we all sweat whenever we hit the sack and make love, now that’s literally liquid love. Oh, boy! Let it drip!

3. Seminal Fluid

Agree, everyone! This is a romantic form of liquid love that can create life. This liquid traversed the inner me at one point in my life and gave me a wonderful little boy, and I still get sprayed of this from time to time.

4. Amniotic Fluid

I consider this a liquid love formed beyond our imagination, as this very liquid protected us while we were still in our mothers’ womb, especially when daddy and mommy were rocking us. That’s swell! We get to sway back and forth inside wondering what was happening on the outside.

5. Lachrymal Fluid

It’s actually what rolls down your cheeks when you get very emotional, overwhelmed, when you get hurt or laugh your heart out, when you squirm in pain, when your heart is being wretched by the one you love – commonly called tears. It’s love in a very special way. As the saying goes, “You show your smile to everyone, but tears only flow for the ones close to your heart.”

6. Breastmilk

This is one great liquid love, flowing from a mother’s breast, suckled by the helpless newborn, clinging to be comforted. This is produced in the mammary glands and the first produce is called colostrum, which is the initial protection of a newborn’s gastrointestinal tract. It’s being suckled for other purposes, though; not by babies, but by daddies.

7. Saliva

Yes, it is a liquid love, being passed by putting mouths together to show affection, a sign of erotic love. It is also helpful at times, an ever present lubricant! Haha!

8. Potable Drinking Water

Though found outside the human body, this can be a liquid love in times of crises when people lack clean water to drink due to the scarcity caused by natural disasters. Donated from the heart, it’s not just water, it’s a liquid love.

I’d be getting a little spiritual here on this one. This is the most valuable liquid love known to those who keep the faith since the ancient days.

The LOVE OF CHRIST, “which flowed out from the heart of Jesus as a fountain of mercy for us…”, as the afternoon prayer goes, is the very liquid love that washes away our sins and forgives our transgressions.

And now that it’s love month, let it flow, let it flow, let it ALL flow. Push it to the limit!

About the Author

Marlene Bautista is a Customer Service Executive in a business process outsourcing (BPO) company in Ortigas City, Metro Manila. Her passions include reading and writing. She spends her weekends playing with her two bouncing kids.

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  1. This was a very informative article and very creative, I should say. Love the humor in it too haha


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