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The City Has Two Faces

The City Has Two Faces

J. P. Rizal Extension, Makati City

The city has two faces. Can everybody see them?

While walking along the bank of Pasig River in J.P. Rizal Extension, Makati City one afternoon, this scene captured my attention.

There is a rapid commercial development in Metro Manila as seen on high rise buildings constructed on every sites available. I am afraid to look at the time when there will no longer be spaces where I can walk and run, and enjoy a simple way of living.

Not far from the vicinity of these impressive buildings are those people staring at awe, admiring the beauty and luxury of such lofty establishments that seem to remind them of how lowly their stature is. There are those who seem to have been left behind and got stuck below the poverty line.

Who will reach out to them and lift them up?

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