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La Mesa Eco Park: An Exciting Forest Experience in the Philippine Capital

Experience Nature at La Mesa Eco Park
It was Monday and the idea of staying at home was not interesting. I was thinking of going out to escape from the warm weather, to discover a new place in the city, and to spend my long weekend productively.

La Mesa Eco Park is a 33 hectare public park located right outside the natural boundaries of the La Mesa watershed and 40 meters below the reservoir. The place caters to an exciting forest experience with its diverse species of trees and plants that grow in the area. With a variety of recreational activities available  in the park,  this is definitely a place for urban adventurers who are looking to satisfy their outdoor passions, without needing to spend too much.

See the tiny butterfly eggs and watch them metamorphose into a colorful imago. Inside the Butterfly Haven, these delicate, winged creatures beautifully flutter in the air. They are being fed with a solution of water and brown sugar.

Experience Nature at La Mesa Eco Park

Butterfly Haven, Php 60.00 per person

Conquer the wind, challenge your fears, and fly like a superman with the adrenaline rush inducing zipline. The line crosses the stretch of flower terraces and allows you to view the serene water of the reservoir.

Experience Nature at La Mesa Eco Park

Zipline adventure, Php 200.00 per person

In the fishing lagoon, you can appreciate the different forms of life that thrive in the aquatic ecosystem. Lotus and lilies are beautiful sights floating  on the fresh water.

Experience Nature at La Mesa Eco Park

Fishing, Php 80.00

Experience Nature at La Mesa Eco Park

I aimed for swimming, but I did not much enjoy the experience. I emerged from the pool after less than 30 minutes because the water was cloudy and smelt strongly of chlorine. The pool is 25 meters long and about 23 meters wide, with varying depths ranging from four to eight feet.

Experience Nature at La Mesa Eco Park

Children (top) and adult (bottom) pools

Horseback riding is great for children. The thought of riding the horse made me squirm so I let this pass. I also tried the bicycles that are available for rentals on a per hour basis. It has been long since I last rode a bicycle so my legs were very happy to strike the pedals. The area where you can wheel your bike is restricted; nevertheless, it was still a great experience.

Horses & Bikes

Horseback riding, Php 50.00 single and Php 100.00 with calesa; Bike rentals, Php60.00 to Php90.00 per hour

On the steep side of the park are the flower terraces. There are poinsettias, bougainvilleas, and these six-petaled flowers that I could no longer recognize. Can you name it? 

Experience Nature at La Mesa Eco Park

The rest are ornamental plants with colorful leaves like the San Francisco and Fortune. There are 117 stairs with a steel handrail at the middle; they are leading to the top of the hill where you can see the pacific, blue La Mesa Dam. I was tempted to snap a photo of the dam, but the sign that prohibits such action glared at me. I chose to respect the sign.

Experience Nature at La Mesa Eco Park

Flower terraces are at both sides of the staircase and overlook the fishing lagoon.

The orchidarium is abundant with fresh, green vegetation. The area is cool and shady. At this summer season, the orchids do not blossom with flowers.

Experience Nature at La Mesa Eco Park

Trees, bamboos, orchids, and bird’s nest fern

Bringing of foods is allowed provided that you dispose of your thrashes properly to maintain cleanliness of the park. The nipa huts are open and welcoming of a relaxation and tranquil rest.

Experience Nature at La Mesa Eco Park

Nipa huts surrounded by trees and plants

Amphitheater is a suitable venue for photoshoot and a challenging route for trail run due to its increasing elevation.

Experience Nature at La Mesa Eco Park

Petron amphitheater

With its uphill and downhill slopes, the park is also a suitable training ground for trail running. As you explore the bushy trails, you will be serenaded by chirping birds, rustle of dried leaves, whisper of the wind, and sharp sounds of cracking and falling branches.

Interacting with nature is one of the great ways we can relax our mind and body from the busy, fast-paced, and stressful lifestyle of the city. Being one with nature helps us appreciate the value and beauty of every creature and their indispensable roles that make the chain of life alive.

The ecological park is a living reminder of our responsibility to advocate nature’s conservation to achieve sustainable development. After all, it helps preserve and ensure the steady supply of one of our essential needs everyday – water.

It is therefore urgent and important that we protect, respect, and treat it as an extension of our personal space, where we feel comfortable and secure.

How To Get There

Getting there is simple. From EDSA, board a bus that is bound to SM Fairview and alight at Pearl Terminal at City Oil Gasoline station along Commonwealth Avenue. Fare varies depending on your proximity, but if you are coming from Guadalupe, Makati City you will need to pay P35.00 (ordinary) or P40.00 (air conditioned). Then, ride a tricycle to Eco Park, P10.00 for regular trip (you need to wait for two more passengers) or P30.00 for special trip.

The park operates from 8:00am to 5:00pm daily, including holidays except 25th and 31st of December. It is located at La Mesa Dam Compound, Greater Lagro, Quezon City.They charge a regular entrance fee of P50.00 (persons below 3 feet are free) and P40.00 for Quezon City residents. This does not include fees for each activity. You have to pay separately.

Duration: 01:16:36
Distance: 21.42 km
Average Speed: 16.8 km/h
Last Altitude: 92 m
via Sports Tracker

3 Comments on La Mesa Eco Park: An Exciting Forest Experience in the Philippine Capital

  1. Hope the government can preserve and maintain the entire watershed reservation. T^he problem of squatting is currently creeping towards the reservation. Hope the administration should look into this problem and address it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like so much fun! I’ve never been here, but I’d love to visit here with my family and friends in the future. I’m also fascinated with nature, so I think this is a perfect place to be. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon! x

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance


    • It’s so ironic that places close to us are often the ones we last to visit. I’m guilty of this. It’s definitely a place to reconnect with nature. The picnic park in summer will make a great spot to bond with your family and friends. Enjoy and I would love to read about your experience there too!


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