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Now Playing: Songs of My Heart

Songs of My Heart

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There are times when there will be sad songs in your heart…sing anyway.

The opening lyrics of this hit song from Michael Learns to Rock’s (MLTR) 1993 album entitled Colours, is still vivid in my memory.

After some time I’ve finally made up my mind
She is the girl and I really want to make her mine
I’m searching everywhere to find her again
To tell her I love her and I’m sorry ’bout the things I’ve done

It tells the sad story of a man, who left a special woman in his life, but later regrets his decision. He realized that he loved her and went on to search for her in the hope to win her back, but he it was too late for he found out that she has already married a different man.

As far as I can remember, I first heard 25 Minutes back in Grade I, when I was six years old. It warms my heart to look back and imagine how Jemo, a former classmate, and I would stand before the class and sing together towards the chorus of the song. Nineteen years later, I still listen to this song  with the same passion as before – in jeepneys, buses, taxis, train stations, home videokes, and in my Blackberry Music playlist. No wonder, the Danish pop and soft rock band has gifted the world with one of the best songs that has overcome the test of times.

Classics of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s have a special space in my heart. Songs of MLTR, The Carpenters, Kenny Rogers, Journey, The Beatles, Air Supply, Lea Salonga, Jose Mari Chan, and Gary Valenciano, to mention a few musicians, have become my sources of inspiration and tranquility. With the story embedded in the meaningful words and soulful melodies, the music has been an integral part of my childhood.

When I hear the songs played in our neighbor’s radio (for we have no radio then), I paused for a moment and feel the emotions of elation and motivation they evoke . On overwhelming days, I lay down on a bamboo-slatted bed under a shady banaba tree in our backyard. I soothed myself by listening to the music, while drifting in endless reveries. Life then was far harder than at present.

In high school, we managed to get hold of a second-hand radio from our neighbor. I enjoyed listening to a late night program that featured my favorite old songs, while working tediously on my school assignments, projects, class reports, and essays in a dimly lit dining room. Ohhh, how could I forget borrowing a song hits book from my classmates just so I can follow the lyrics while listening to the songs!

Classic songs have the power to calm my soul. I know that my Journey in life is long and wearisome. I always tell myself that I must not yield when things go wrong or do not turn out the way I want them to be; instead, I have to push myself and Go the Distance! I have to always remember that there is Someone Who Believes In Me and whatever seemingly insurmountable trials stand in My Way, a trusted One Friend will always come to the rescue and say, “You’ll Never Walk Alone!” I have learned to stop questioning the problems In My Life, for I know that Someday, at the end of The Long and Winding Road, when The Search Is Over, It’s Gonna Make Sense. The wait might be Longer and could challenge the limits of my patience Through the Years, but I know that the fulfillment of my Sweet Dreams will be eventually achieved and the Sweetest Surprise awaits me in A Whole New World.

Deluge of memories and nostalgia embrace my spirit when old songs fill the air because they remind me of earlier circumstances that brought out The Best of Me. I will always love old songs…Now and Forever.

What songs have you enjoyed listening to as a child? Do you still hear those songs today? Please share your nostalgic memories in the comments section below.

3 Comments on Now Playing: Songs of My Heart

  1. Whenever I hear songs like from the band Westlife and Abba, and from the other bands popular before, memories from the last flashbacks. Like the song which I forgot the title, but whose lyrics start with “If you’re not the one…”, everytime I hear this, I remember a certain in my childhood and it just feels good being able to do so because I can remember excatly that it was the song that I would hear often, and how some things were at that time.

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    • I like the lyrics of those songs; they always tell a story. Maganda din ang tono, nakaka-LSS! Glad I was able to collect them into my playlist and can still listen to the songs via Easy Rock Manila.

      I think you’re referring to the song “If You’re Not the One” by Daniel Bedingfield, released in 2002. Music video link here:

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      • Buti may playlist ka, ako wala. Hehe. Nannunuod na lang ako sa youtube pag gusto ko. Oo yan yung hinanahanap ko, pero I don’t intentionally listen to it pag time ako. Nababali yung attention sa mga makabagong kanta ngayon. Thank you, though, for sharing the link. 🙂 Yes, yan nga yung title. hehe. 🙂


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