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Prayer, Gratitude, Challenge in Quezon

Prayer, Gratitude, Challenge in Quezon

The province of Quezon has become a summer destination for tourists due to its cool weather. The thick, evergreen forestries, and the Mt. Banahaw account for the province’s refreshing temperature that will certainly soothe one’s mood. Located southeast of Metro Manila, it is about four hours away by road travel.

I have visited Quezon in three different occasions.

Kamay ni Jesus Shrine

14 Jul 2012 – Kamay ni Jesus (Hands of Jesus) Shrine in Lucban, Quezon features a  landscaped garden that serves as spiritual healing and retreat sanctuary for Roman Catholics. One of the places of interest here is the 300 steps grotto. As I ascended, I have witnessed the stations of the cross with artistic sculptural symbols portraying Christ carrying the cross.

When I arrived at the summit, I admired the enormous concrete image of Resurrected Jesus Christ, with both hands outstretched to the world.  You would feel the calmness of your spirit while gazing at the scenic view down and across the horizon. I stood still for a second and offered a silent prayer.

In the Garden of Eden, there is a great display of dexterously crafted animals made of concrete that Noah welcomed in his ark in the biblical story of the great flood.

There is also the Noah’s Ark House of Prayer and Spirituality, a huge replica of Noah’s ark.

Prayer, Gratitude, Challenge in Quezon

Noah’s Ark House of Prayer and Spirituality

Noah’s Ark House of Prayer and Spirituality
Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church
Brgy. Tinamnan, Lucban, Quezon
Telephone No.: (042) 540-6228

Pahiyas Festival 2013

15 May 2013 – One of the most colorful festivals in the Philippines, Pahiyas (Filipino term which means “precious offering”) is celebrated annually on the 15th of May in the Lucban town of Quezon to venerate the patron saint of farmers, St Isidore. The festival is an artistic expression of the town folks’ thanksgiving for the abundant harvests. A creative and chromatic display of fresh fruits, vegetables, and native handicrafts adorn the houses.

In the morning as early as eight o’clock, the celebration started with a walk around the center of the town that was teeming with local and foreign visitors. It took us approximately two hours to complete the route, but I did not feel tired because of the fascinating sights of exquisitely decorated houses.

Prayer, Gratitude, Challenge in Quezon

Houses are decorated with colorful kiping and bountiful harvests

The kiping or rice wafer, made of rice dough and vividly dyed with food colorings, prevailed in all of the colorful ornaments. It is entirely edible. I have enjoyed taking a lot of photographs and I also had the chance to satisfy my palate with their delicious pansit hab-hab and sweet inipit.

As a son of a farmer, the event has become dear to me. It is a way of paying tribute to our humble farmers who labor industriously to give us one of our essential needs to survive –food.

Quezon Marathon

22 Sep 2013 – The gun started at 04:30 in the morning, signaling the beginning of a challenging yet exciting Quezon Marathon 2013. I did not see any sign of an improving weather, though the drizzles felt refreshing. It was my first time to race under an unfavorable meteorological condition, and I knew that 21K would not be easy.

Prayer, Gratitude, Challenge in Quezon

Quezon Marathon 2013 official race route. (Courtesy of Quezon Run Facebook page.)

The hilly and muddy course has tested the endurance and strength of my legs. At some points, I paused to admire the imposing view of Mt. Banahaw.  I made it to the finish line after a chip time of 02:44:36.

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